Dentist Estero Save Your Teeth from Damage!

General Dentist in Estero FL Wishes to Protect Your Teeth from Harmful Foods & Drinks


Many patients avoid going to the dentist because they don’t want to hear any bad news about their oral health. Unfortunately, the longer they delay their appointments, the more their teeth are suffering. In order to protect your teeth as much as possible, your general dentist in Estero FL provides a list of foods and drinks to avoid. Keeping your teeth in good shape is the key to maintaining a wonderful smile, so keep these tips in mind!


Although this isn’t necessarily food, people chew on ice more often than not. After finishing a beverage, chomping on ice seems to be the next step, but this is extremely damaging to your teeth. Because of its texture, it’s too hard to be chewing on. Along with the harsh, cold temperature, your teeth are suffering and can chip, crack and break!


Dried Fruit
This popular, quick snack has been all the rage when it comes to a quick bite. Unfortunately, this can cause more harm than good. Since these fruits have been dried out, they’re not as nutritious as they were. There’s a lot of processed sugar that’s been added to this snack instead of the natural sweets and water that many fruits already hold.


Drinking sodas dramatically harm your teeth much more than patients may know, even diet sodas! There’s a large amount of acidity and sugar packed into each soda you enjoy, which quickly erodes and weakens the surface of your teeth. Constantly drinking them also causes the surface of your teeth to stain into a dark, yellow-ish color.


There are other foods and drinks that your general dentist in Estero FL wants all patients to avoid. To further improve your oral health, make an appointment at our office by calling (239) 992-0325 or clicking here to request the best time and date for you!