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What Conditions Require Oral Surgery?

November 28, 2023 9:00 am
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Oral surgery is a specialized field of dentistry that addresses a range of complex conditions. It may sound daunting at first, but understanding when you might require a surgical dental procedure can help demystify this category of oral care. Let’s discuss a few of the most common conditions that may necessitate oral surgery.

    Impacted Wisdom Teeth

    One of the most frequent reasons for oral surgery is the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, may struggle to emerge properly due to limited space, remaining partially beneath the gums. This can lead to various issues, such as pain, infection, and damage to neighboring teeth.

    Severe Decay

    While most cases of dental decay can be managed with fillings or crowns, in some cases the situation may progress to the point where your tooth’s structural integrity is severely compromised. When restoration through alternative means is not possible, extraction becomes necessary to remove the damaged tooth and prevent further complications.

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a popular and effective method to replace missing teeth. Implants are placed in a surgical procedure wherein a titanium post is inserted into the jawbone. The implant then fuses with your jawbone and provides a sturdy foundation for a crown or bridge, restoring your smile’s function and appearance.

Dental Implants, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, and More in Estero, FL

At Premier Dental and Implant Studio, we understand that oral surgery can sound scary. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals will do everything we can to make your oral surgery experience as painless as possible. We strive to provide a calming environment, and we pride ourselves on keeping current with the most up-to-date dental technologies available. If you have any further questions about dental implants or other oral surgery procedures, give us a call!

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