Dentist Estero Dental Implants and You!

Estero FL Dentist Discusses Proper Care for Procedure


Dental implants have been an extremely popular procedure in recent years, allowing people to have a new smile that they’re comfortable and confident with. With your new implants, it’s important to know the proper way to take care of them so they’ll always give you a lifetime worth of perfect grins. Your Estero FL dentist is here to provide tips on dental implant maintenance.


During the procedure of dental implants, your dentist is replacing the root parts of your teeth with a small titanium rod that’s being fused to the bone. The crown is placed on top and is created to look natural to the rest of your smile, which allows patients to be happy and healthy with their teeth.


After a patient has received their implants, their dental care begins immediately. Although your implants aren’t your real teeth, they should be treated as such, if not better! Developing an appointment system with your dentist is important to do because they’ll need to constantly make sure that everything is working properly—this includes your implants and the natural teeth that surround them.


At-home care with your dental implants contains more than just brushing your teeth. Your daily brushing routine may have been subpar before, but you’ll need to shift into the next gear to keep up proper maintenance. If you don’t use an electric toothbrush, discuss with your dentists the benefits that may come with switching to one. This isn’t just for those with dental implants—electric toothbrushes are beneficial for everyone who has difficulty getting the best brush out of a manual one.


A tip for further care is to avoid toothpaste that are extremely abrasive. Toothpaste with fluoride aren’t going to negatively affect your implants, but will only further the strength of your natural teeth. But toothpaste like baking soda and stain removers contain too many chemicals that can damage your implants and become too sensitive for your natural teeth.


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