Dentist Estero Basic Brush Care

Dentists in Estero on Taking Care of Your Toothbrush

Taking care of your toothbrush can almost be as important as taking care of your teeth themselves. Daily brushing, as well as daily maintenance, can both play a role into the health of your mouth and must be seen to accordingly. That is why today your dentists in Estero have compiled the information in this blog.


The following tips and suggestions will help you properly maintain and store your toothbrush to keep it in the best condition possible.


The first step to take is one we find that most patients follow out of natural habit anyway. Before and after brushing your teeth, make sure to put the head under hot water and to stroke through it with a finger. This act will allow for any lingering particles from this or the last time of brushing to be washed away before the next cleaning takes place.


Following your brushing routine, storage is essential to consider. Make sure your brush is stored in a container that allows it to be both upright and have plenty of airflow access. Do not place any little helmets or plastic pieces on the head of the brush. Do not allow for the brush to make contact with any other surfaces or especially any other brushes, to avoid cross-contamination. Lastly, make sure to wipe off any white residue that may form on the sides or at the bottom of the holder over time. This residue can be a place where bacteria collect and should be removed before they can negatively impact the brush.


Sadly, even if all of the above tips are followed day-in and day out, your toothbrush can’t last forever. It is around the 3-4 month mark that you should be tossing that old brush and bringing in a new one. It is around this time frame that the brush can not only become “worn out” from your daily brushing and be more susceptible to bacterial infiltration, but it can also be doing a less-efficient job at cleaning as well.


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