Dentist Estero What's Harming Your Smile?

Your Family Dentist in Estero Informs Patients of Possible Harmful Routines that Affect Your Teeth


Taking care of your smile requires constant everyday care, which includes excluding harmful items like sodas and candies. Another important step is making sure that you’re properly brushing your teeth for at least two minutes. These are essential keys to acquiring a healthy smile, but there are also other elements and tips to protect your teeth that your family dentist in Estero wants to share with our patients!


A side effect to hundreds of medications is dry mouth. This is mostly seen as an annoyance, giving patients an uncomfortable feeling on their tongue and around their mouth. Although this may not seem relevant to your dental health, saliva helps to protect against the acidity of foods and drinks to eliminate the chance of erosion. When dry mouth occurs, there’s a lack of saliva, which puts your teeth at risk for decay.


If you’re taking a medication that has a side effect of dry mouth, try chewing some sugar-free gum or drink more water to stimulate your saliva production!


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