Dentist Estero On-The-Go Care

Estero FL Dentist With Tips for A Busy Life

In our modern “on-the-go” culture, it can sometimes be difficult to set time aside for certain things we should specifically be doing at home. This ranges from placing phone calls or sending emails, to eating and taking care of ourselves. To help you balance your on-the-go oral health regimen, today your Estero FL dentist will be going over some suggestions, tips and tricks for you to try out!


When running in-between the kids soccer practice, doctor appointments, work and so much more- who has time to set up the standard family dinner some nights? That’s where and why snacking in the car or out-and-about has become so common and popular.


Unfortunately, not all the options you may choose to pack for yourself or your little ones may be the healthiest for your smile.


Instead of grabbing some chips or cookies in foil packaging, try getting a hold of some mouth healthy items like carrots, broccoli or celery. These items and so many more fruits and veggies cannot only help supply the mouth with essential nutrients and vitamins, but some of the most fibrous ones can even help remove stains from the teeth.


While considering a beverage, a can of pop or energy drink may be a go-to for so many, but nothing can beat good old H20. Staying hydrated with water is not only a better option because it avoids acidic and sugary ingredients, but because it mimics and stimulates saliva- which is essential in great oral health.


Not a huge water fan? Try adding some cucumber or lemon juice to turn up the volume on flavor a bit. Also, remember to try and not to drink a plastic bottle of water that has been sitting in the car too long to avoid possible contaminants. Go refillable instead!


Lastly, try exploring some of the portable dental products widely available to stay healthy. Miniature toothbrushes, toothpaste, disposable flossers and more can conveniently fit in almost any bag, purse or glove compartment and can replace the steps you may be missing at home some nights.


Combine these above suggestions and make some time to swing your Estero FL dentist’s office for routine cleanings and exams to keep your “on-the-go” smile at its best!


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