Dentist Estero Keep Stress Away from Your Smile!

Estero FL Dentist Shares Instances Where Stress could Harm Your Teeth


Experiencing stress is an everyday ordeal, something that a majority of people are familiar with. Studies show that a large part of Americans feel more stressed now than they did five years ago! Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there; stress goes above and beyond a mental issue. Your body physically reacts when you are stressed out and it can negatively impact your health and that includes dental. Below, your Estero FL dentist wants to show what can happen to your teeth while you're stressed.


Dry Mouth
At one point or another, everyone has suffered from irritable dry mouth. Whether it’s from drinking too much caffeine or you’re simply dehydrated, dry mouth is mostly seen as a mere annoyance that can go away with a couple of sips of water. While this is generally the solution, dry mouth can consistently affect some people and begin to damage their teeth. A side effect of most medications is dry mouth, including medications that help deal with stress. This can turn into a vicious cycle until your teeth start to react to dry mouth, like getting cavities or having difficulty chewing, swallowing and talking.


If you’re stressed out, your immune system begins to weaken. This will increase the risk for some oral infections. One of the first parts of your body that could be affected by this is your gums. If you’re stressed, chances are that you’re not eating as well as you should be, opting for “comfort food” instead of maintaining a healthy diet. If this is so, your gums aren’t working their hardest to protect your smile and are at a higher risk for infections and diseases.


Make sure you’re taking care of your smile whenever you can by checking out how else stress can harm your teeth. And don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your Estero FL dentist by calling our office today at (239) 992-0325.