Dentist Estero Importance of Mouth Guards

General Dentist in Estero FL Discusses how Mouth Guards can Protect Your Smile


Your smile needs to be taken care of at all costs, which is what your general dentist in Estero FL is here for. Besides keeping up with your check-ups twice a year, there are other ways that your teeth can be protected. Mouth guards are usually seen as simple plastic pieces, mostly used with athletes, but there’s more to them than meets the eye.


For its athlete purpose, mouth guards do the best job that they can. They can be bought at pharmacies or sporting goods stores. Most mouth guards that are bought are used for the top row of teeth since they’re more likely to receive any sort of damage, whether it’s chips, cracks, breaks or completely falls out.


If used for athletic purposes, the mouth guard should be taken out of the mouth as soon as a person is finished with their activity.


There are medical purposes for mouth guards, too, but they’re prescribed by a doctor and should be thoroughly discussed for your safety. Learn more about the other reasons for mouth guards by reading this article. And always make sure you’re taking care of your smile by scheduling an appointment with your general dentist in Estero FL by calling our office today at (239) 992-0325.