Dentist Estero Implant Maintenance Advice

Estero FL Oral Surgeon with Implant Tips

As a top provider of dental implants, your Estero FL oral surgeon knows what is needed to successfully place an implant and to keep it healthy. Although this amazing solution to tooth loss is in-fact an artificial element, it still needs to be taken care of as it was a natural tooth. In order to assist all of our dental implant patients with maintenance, today we will be providing a few tips for your reading pleasure.


When it comes to your at-home oral health regimen, you should be brushing your implant (and whole mouth) twice daily and flossing at least once. Make sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush and a toothpaste that will help fight tartar, perhaps including the ingredient fluoride. Adding a mouthwash to the end of your routine may also be beneficial in eliminating any excess oral bacteria as well.


With regard to check-up appointments with your Estero FL oral surgeon, at first you should be probably seeing them more frequently than usual. Depending on your specific case, it may be recommended that instead of a cleaning and exam every 6-months, that we see you every 3 months to ensure the implant is coming along without any negative repercussions.


However, just as your natural teeth, implants are susceptible to a potential set of detrimental issues. Without the implant being properly monitored and taken care of, serious problems such as gum or bone loss could occur, even resulting in jaw structural damage or complete loss of the implant.


If placed and treated properly, dental implants have over a 90% success rate for patients.  So make sure you enjoy this amazing technique and technology, and take care of it accordingly to benefit from the most natural looking and feeling solution to tooth loss available today.


For more information on dental implant maintenance or procedures, call your Estero FL oral surgeon today at (239) 992-0325 to schedule an appointment today!