Dentist Estero Forming School Time Habits

Estero FL Dentist on Getting Back to School

By the time you are reading this, most parents and children will be back on their fall schedule of school time awakenings, earlier bedtimes and all the related fun that comes with it.


From making time for sports, clubs, homework, real work and more- many things can get lost in the fray of the school time fray- but your child’s oral health should not be one of them.


To help you keep them on track and their smiles shining brightly for those class pictures, today your Estero FL dentist has provided a few recommendations to assist you in forming (or re-forming) healthy school time habits!


Just before they step out the door to head to school, your children should be having a healthy breakfast every single day. Without one, their attention and abilities can decline drastically- making it truly the most important meal of the day.


Try replacing that daily bowl of sugary cereal with some fresh fruit and/or oatmeal every once and a while. Instead of a glass of juice every day? Why not have some milk to keep their mouth and body strong, or some water flavored naturally with cucumber or lemon. It is these little adjustments in diet that can go a long way in their development.


At school, we understand it can be a different story. No matter what you pack them for a lunch or snack, they can trade or find ways to get unhealthy options if they desire. The best thing you can do is make the effort. Try packing them plenty of mouth and whole-body healthy options, as well as becoming familiar with what is served for lunch at school and their vending machine policy too.


Besides diet, having your little ones participate in a consistent at-home oral health regimen is essential. Make sure they brush their teeth after breakfast before they leave for school, as well as brush and floss before bedtime. If you find they are having a hard time establishing this themselves, try making it a part of their “chores,” and if they complete it enough- they’ll eventually get a reward (just avoid candy, etc.) You can also try brushing alongside them daily to demonstrate proper technique and to symbolize how important it is to adults, so it should be for them too.


If you need any other help establishing a back to school oral health regimen, feel free to ask your Estero FL dentist at your next appointment.


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