Dentist Estero Do You Need an Extraction?

Estero FL Dentist Describes Why a Patient May Need to Have a Tooth Pulled


While taking care of your teeth may seem easy, sometimes there are consequences that patients have to go through if their oral health is in danger. In adulthood, having a tooth pulled may be necessary for several different reasons. Here, your Estero FL dentist can perform this procedure if the other options to save said tooth have failed. Below we will discuss some of the reasons as to why a tooth may need to be pulled and what you can expect.


When it comes to an extraction, one of the reasons that a tooth is pulled is because the patient’s oral health care hasn’t been properly executed for an extended amount of time. If the injured, decayed tooth has traveled to the pulp (the center of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves), the bacteria can enter this area and cause an infection. If this hasn’t already been corrected with root canal therapy, the tooth can be severely damaged and will need to be removed so the infection doesn’t spread further.


If the bacteria continues to spread, it will not only harm the center of your tooth, but also the rest of your mouth and maybe even your physical health. The bacteria can move up and into the gums, creating swelling and sensitivity that can turn into periodontitis or gum disease. With this disease, the bacteria can travel in your gums and through the rest of your bloodstream and heighten your risks of physical health issues like heart disease and strokes.


When there’s overcrowding in a patient’s mouth, it can cause discomfort when it comes to basic things like chewing. The goal is to have all of your teeth properly aligned, so if there’s one that’s too big and uncomfortable, it may need to be taken out. This also goes for teeth that haven’t broken the surface of your gums since there’s not enough room for it in your mouth.


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