Dentist Estero Dental Risks for Seniors

33928 Dentist Wants Older Patients to be Aware of Potential Dental Problems


Your teeth work hard every day from giving you a bright smile and breaking down your foods. It’s important to take care of them every day, but sometimes that can be difficult. Older adults may have difficulty in keeping up with their dental care, whether it’s at home or going to check-ups. They are also at risk for a number of oral and dental health problems that your 33928 dentist will address below.


Dry Mouth
This is most popularly a side effect of many medications. Older adults are more likely to take a higher amount of medications than others, which means that dry mouth can be a constant side effect in their everyday routine. This is an uncomfortable feeling and can negatively affect your teeth, as well. There are protective minerals in saliva that coat the surface of your teeth (the enamel) in order to keep it strong, but without it, the enamel stays weak and your teeth can become sensitive because of it.


Darkened Teeth
From years and years of constant wear and tear from eating and drinking, the surface of your teeth can certainly lose its shine. When teeth look darker, it’s the center of each tooth (the dentin) that’s showing through and giving it that appearance. With this weakened tooth enamel, seniors are more likely to experience sensitivity.


Learn more about the other risks that older patients should be aware of when it comes to their dental health by clicking here. To keep protecting your smile, contact your 33928 dentist today to make an appointment by calling our office at (239) 992-0325.