Dentist Estero Benefits of Smiling

Estero FL Dentist on Why To Smile!

Your Estero FL dentist believes there is nothing quite like seeing a genuine smile. Rather it is from one of our patients after a procedure, or from our friends and loved ones- smiles make the world go round. But what is it about smiling that makes it such a “go to” response in humans? Can it actually benefit us in some ways, maybe that we don’t even totally consciously recognize, and that is why we do it so often? In order to answer that, today we will be taking a closer look at some of the benefits of smiling.


The first way that smiling can benefit us is going to be the most obvious one, aesthetics. You always look at your best when you are smiling naturally. You can look more confident, proud, knowledgeable and not to mention- a great deal younger too, just by smiling. Smiling works certain muscles in your face that actually helps give you a natural face lift, counteracting wrinkles, crow’s feet or any other symptoms of aging we may succumb to over time.


Not only does smiling look good for your Facebook default, it also can help you internally as well. Smiling helps release endorphins and hormones into your system that can lessen stress, reduce pain and even improve your mood. By smiling you can even help your immune system to be at ease, so that if a health issue may arise, it can give you its top effort right away. Your internal systems will fight off disease more efficiently and help you get better, quicker.


Lastly, smiling truly is contagious. Just take note of just some of the internal and external benefits listed above and know that about 50% of the people you smile at will smile back. So you will then be passing all of these same benefits on from one grinning person to the next.


To keep your smile in top shape, make sure to contact your Estero FL dentist for all your oral health needs and concerns.


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