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How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile & Dental Health

August 20, 2022 4:08 pm
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Millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth. Thankfully, there are excellent tooth replacement options available, including dental implants, that can improve your smile and your dental health. Dental implants come with many benefits!

Dental Implants restore your smile’s appearance

Losing even one tooth can drastically affect your smile’s appearance. Plus, other teeth can shift into the gap, changing your bite and making your smile look crooked. Losing multiple teeth can cause your cheeks to look hollow and sunken. Implants, which look like your other real teeth, fill in these gaps to restore your beautiful smile and preserve your facial structure.

Dental Implants protect your jawbone density

An implant is permanently anchored into your jawbone to replace the root of a tooth. The implant itself is a biocompatible post that is surgically placed in your jawbone. As you heal from the procedure, the implant fuses with the bone to provide a sturdy base for an artificial tooth like a crown. Replacing a missing tooth with an implant keeps your bone density strong. The implant transfers chewing forces to your jawbone, which stimulates bone-building cells called osteoblasts. If these cells are not activated, bone-resorbing cells called osteoclasts cause your jawbone to degenerate.

Dental Implants are easy to maintain

While a dental implant can’t get cavities like a real tooth, your gums are still vulnerable to bacteria and disease. Brush and floss every day, and visit the dentist every six months for professional cleanings. Preventive oral care will keep your gums and jawbone healthy and strong to protect the integrity of your implants. While the accompanying crown may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, your implant could last a lifetime with careful maintenance.

Dental implants at Premier Dental & Implant Studio in Estero, FL

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth, dental implants could be the right solution to restore your smile’s appearance and prevent dental issues. They’re permanent, natural-looking, and easy to care for. If you have any questions, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with our friendly team!

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