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How Dental Implants Benefit Your Dental Health

February 24, 2023 1:45 am
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Tooth loss can increase your risk of malnutrition, tooth decay, gum disease, a misaligned jaw, social anxiety, and depression. Seeking a tooth replacement soon after losing a permanent tooth is one way to avoid many of these unpleasant problems. Dental implants is one reliable and natural-looking tooth replacement option.

Unlike dentures that require special cleaning and maintenance, dental implants don’t require any changes to your current daily oral hygiene routine. Implants look and feel very much like natural teeth and are cared for the same way.

Dental implants also offer several benefits for your overall dental health. For example, they help:

  1. Preserve Natural Teeth & Bone Density
  2. Did you know that as soon as you lose one tooth, you’re more at risk of losing others? Bone around the empty socket will deteriorate and weaken without the chewing forces that used to be transferred from the missing tooth. Deterioration can eventually weaken the foundation of neighboring teeth and alter your facial appearance.

    The best way to stop additional tooth loss is to replace your missing tooth as soon as possible. Dental implants are a great solution as their design protects your jawbone, which supports your cheeks and helps keep your remaining teeth firmly anchored.

  3. Reduce Risk of Gum Disease
  4. Gaps from missing teeth can cause shifting of your remaining teeth, making it difficult to brush and floss. Additionally, gaps can trap food particles and bacteria. Replacing a missing tooth can help prevent the development of gum disease.

  5. Improve Oral Function
  6. Eating, speaking, and smiling will feel different with a missing tooth. Eating the same foods as you used to can feel like a challenge and your speech may sound different. A gap in your smile can also make interacting with others and being in photos less enjoyable since you’re worried about how your smile looks. A dental implant mimics the function and appearance of a real tooth so you can enjoy your normal activities with ease without feeling self-conscious.

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