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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth can discolor as we naturally age and expose our teeth to detrimental dietary choices. As our enamel wears away, dentin, a yellow color substance that makes the core of our teeth, can show through. Dentin, plus any staining factors we expose our teeth to, is what gives our teeth a yellowish tint. Teeth whitening helps restore teeth to a shiny white color through the use of medically approved bleach.
Teeth whitening methods:
Our office offers two popular teeth whitening options.
The first is an in-office whitening procedure which can improve the shade of your teeth in even just an hour. We apply a highly concentrated peroxide gel to the teeth after they have been protected with a special shield. 
The second involves a take-home whitening kit which you can purchase from our office. The gel in these kits are not as powerful as the in-office treatments, but more powerful than what you may purchase in-store. The trays that come with the kit are typically worn a couple hours a day or overnight for a few days or weeks, depending on the product. 
It's best to consult your Estero FL teeth whitening dentist to understand which whitening option is best for you.

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