Dentist Estero Signs of a Cavity

Dentists in Estero on Cavity Prevention

Did you happen to awake this morning with a slight toothache? A toothache can just be one of the many signs of a cavity.


Cavities and decay are commonplace for your dentists in Estero to treat, but shouldn’t be for our patients. Even though a majority of the foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis can contain sugary and acidic ingredients that lead to decay eventually, you must try to fight cavities off, the best that you can.


But how? Well for one, try to watch your diet every day. Make sure you are brushing and flossing on a daily basis as well. Lastly, make sure you schedule regular appointments with your dentists in Estero for cleanings and exams.


It is at the every six month interval that we can usually get a head of cavities or identify them and treat them quickly, painlessly and efficiently.


We started out this blog mentioning the possible toothache you could have as a result of a cavity…but there are other signs too! With that in mind, we have provided you with a list of early cavity detection signs for you to review today!


If you feel you are experiencing any of these cavity-indicating signs, call the office of your dentists in Estero right away at (239) 992-0325. We can assess and treat that cavity before it gets out of control!