Dentist Estero Are You Feeling Sensitive?

Estero FL Dentist on Stopping Sensitivity

Your Estero FL dentist wants to know- are you feeling sensitive? And no, not all “Grey’s Anatomy just got rid of another dreamy character and I can’t handle it” sensitive. More like you just drank some coffee or had some ice cream and your teeth won’t stop aching- sensitive.


Every day your Estero FL dentist helps patients who suffer from teeth sensitivity, which is predominately from poor dietary choices. Over time, all of the sugars and acids we consume can eat away at the enamel of the teeth and result in microscopic holes forming in the teeth. These holes, while super small, can reach all sorts of depths- including to the center of your tooth, where the nerve is located. It is then when any external stimuli, like food or drink, makes contact with the nerve- that a shooting pain in your tooth can be triggered and take quite some time to subside.


For those patients reading this saying “that’s not all that causes’ teeth sensitivity pain”- we got you covered. Not only can hot, cold, sweet or sour food and drink do the deed- but so can brushing or flossing too hard, using teeth whitening products and much more. To cover all bases, we have provided a comprehensive list of habits and items to avoid when you have sensitive teeth. You can access that list by Clicking Here!


For more information on teeth sensitivity, or to schedule an appointment with your Estero FL dentist, you can call our office today at (239) 992-0325.