Dentist Estero Protect Your Oral & Body Health

Dentists in Estero Want Patients to Know Importance in Relationship between Oral Health and Body Health


One of the most ignored doctor’s appointments is dental related, but how come? If there’s a constant ache in your back, then going to a chiropractor would be the next step, but many patients ignore toothaches as if there’s something normal or natural to them. When your tooth is throbbing in pain, it’s a sign telling you to get professional help, and fast! If dental problems are not properly taken care of, then the rest of your body may soon suffer, as well. Dentists in Estero want patients to know the relationship between your oral health and overall body health.


The connection between your mouth and body is immediate because everything that you consume first comes in contact with your mouth. If this area isn’t taken care of, like twice daily brushing and flossing, then it’ll be the first to suffer. While your mouth is already suffering, the rest of your body begins to suffer, as well.


Bacteria clings to your teeth and gums, so when this is left untreated, then an infection is right around the corner. Gingivitis is an infection that leaves your gums inflamed, but can be easily treated by proper oral hygiene and a visit to your dentist. Many patients don’t get this treated, which allows gingivitis turn into periodontitis, which is gum disease that is untreatable. This is intense inflammation and can quickly spread to the rest of your body.


This inflammation weakens the body’s ability to control blood sugar. This symptom is much like the one that people with diabetes suffer, where they have trouble and are unable to process sugar because of their lack of insulin. If a person who suffers from diabetes is also suffering from gum disease, then this doubles their risks because the inflammation further complicates the breakdown process.


There are other connections between your oral health and body, like obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and more. Contact your dentists in Estero by calling this number (239)-992-0325 to learn more and click here to schedule an appointment today.