Dentist Estero Links in Whole Body and Oral Health

Dentists in Estero on Bodily Inter-connectivity

In order to get through our days, it is human instinct to try and put some of the “bad scenarios” in the back of our minds. If we were to think about the potential for every little thing and how it can negatively impact our well-being, it could cause one to shut down completely.


And although these issues should not necessarily be at the forefront of our minds all the time, your dentists in Estero feel one should still be aware of them…especially when it comes to your oral health.


It can be scary to think about how every time we eat, breathe or even walk across the room we may put the health of our teeth in jeopardy. Bacteria, disease, accidents and so much more can cause injuries or issues that not only can be detrimental about our oral health but the health of our whole body too. Not to mention, they can put a nice dent in our wallets as well.


Correlations like the ones alluded to above are being discovered more and more all the time, with ties between bleeding gums and heart disease, stress and teeth grinding- the list goes on and on.


Your dentists in Estero tried to compile a comprehensive, visually appealing list linking the health of your body and your mouth- and stumbled upon the following, fantastic reference for you to start with:


You can CLICK HERE to view a WebMD provided slideshow covering around a dozen of the most common oral health issues that can end up involving the entire body.


Your dentists in Estero provided this because we feel to be aware and educated is better than not knowing at all. With that said, if you have any further questions, or wish to schedule an appointment- you can call our office at (239) 992-0325 today.