Dentist Estero Choose Your Brush Wisely

General Dentist in Estero FL on Brush Selection

While your general dentist in Estero FL has a great number of tools to help clean your teeth, you actually have one of the most dominant ones in your bathroom right now: your toothbrush. By brushing twice daily you greatly decrease your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and the other large scale dental issues that can occur.


But have you made a trip down the oral health aisle of your local pharmacy lately?! The choices of brushes available can be overwhelming! To help you choose between two of the most popular options for brushes around, electric or manual, we have composed a list of some of the positives and negatives of both for you to consider today:



  • Pro: Customizable. Available in various colors, sizes and from many different companies.
  • Pro: Cheap. Inexpensive. Low Price Tag. Etc.
  • Pro: Portable and easily to replace.
  • Con: Requires just the right amount of timing and technique to clean properly!



  • Pro: Motorized heads lead to less effort needed to get an efficient cleaning.
  • Pro: Built-in two-minute timers tell you when your regimen is done.
  • Con: Overall less variety or “custom options” available than manual brushes.
  • Con: More expensive to buy or replace.
  • Con: Require a battery, charger, cords to plug it in…less convenient to travel with.


Although a pro in one corner balances out with an equal con in another, what matters most is that you are brushing your teeth PERIOD. Overall, yes, timing and technique do come into play significantly, so electric does triumph in many aspects. If you feel (or we let you know) your technique is a little “underwhelming,” feel free to ask us for a brushing demonstration or recommendation on an electronic brush!


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