Dentist Estero Cavity Fighting Candy

Dentists in Estero On a Sweet Anomaly

Cavity fighting candy? Your dentists in Estero have never heard of such a thing…until recently. Typically, and we feel it is the same way with most patients, when your hear “candy” you think “sweet,” “sugar,” “sticky” and maybe even “cavities.” After all, the bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities feed off of the sugar that can be found in most candy, amongst other food and drink. Of course, one can reduce this amount of bacteria or sugar by brushing, flossing and eating a healthy diet…but what if we were to tell you a simple lollipop could do the trick too?


Well, it’s true! A new company has created a lollipop that utilizes licorice root extract to help change the environment of your mouth. Licorice, and not the foot long, red kind from the movie theater, has been chewed on by civilizations for centuries to help cure some oral health issues- and its benefits still ring true to this day! By following the regimen listed in the packaging of this product, called “LOLOZ,” one can make the environment for which these bacteria live in the mouth unsuitable. This results in less of an ability to cause decay and cavities overall.


But how can this be done? And where can you get your first box? To find out, you can read more by heading here: More at Dentalbuzz.


No matter the type of candy you like to indulge in, regular appointments with your dentists in Estero are required to keep your oral health in check. Call our office today to schedule an appointment at (239) 992-0325.